Everything New is Old Again: Tradition and Innovation in Luther’s Theology and Religious Practice

Thursday, Jan 23, 2020

1:30pm - 3:30pm

Lecture by:
Rev. Dr. Allen Jorgenson

Luther’s global religious, political and social impacts derive from motifs central to this former Augustinian monk’s theology. These include the teaching that God’s love is unconditionally given through the gift of faith (justification); that God’s modus operandi is to meet us in our pain and brokenness (theology of the cross); and that God considers the efforts of the pauper as important as that of the bishop (vocation). In this session we explore how Luther’s new teachings represent old problems resolved in a new key for his time, inviting us to see the task of reformation as an ongoing task.

About The Lecturer

Rev. Dr. Allen Jorgenson

Rev. Dr. Allen Jorgenson joined Luther’s faculty in 2005 after serving as a parish pastor. He is especially interested in how the life of faith informs, and is informed by, culture.  Allen’s areas of academic interest include Martin Luther, Friedrich Schleiermacher, and Indigenous spiritualities and worldviews.