Luther’s Musical Dialectic: Singing Faithfully into Context

Thursday, Jan 30, 2020

1:30pm - 3:30pm

Lecture by:
Debbie Lou Ludolph

Ludolph proposes that using Luther’s theological frame, music is set free to sing good news in each time and place. In this session, we will explore the tensions between identity and difference, as seen through the lens of the texts, tunes and liturgical practice of Luther and applied to the current context.

About The Lecturer

Debbie Lou Ludolph

With degrees in Vocal Performance and Theology, Debbie Lou Ludolph loves to teach courses, plan events, and enliven conversations at the intersection of singing, theology, and the common good. Debbie Lou is director of Inshallah, the 140+ community choir at Luther, and co-founder of the Sing Fires of Justice project.