How to Become a Member

To become a “member” of TAL-KW, one purchases a lecture series ticket.  TAL-KW does not have a separate membership fee.

Purchasing a fall or winter lecture series ticket entitles the purchaser to:

  1. Membership in TAL-KW until the first lecture of the following fall.
  2. Admission to all lectures of that series; e.g. “New Technology: Unintended Consequences” in Fall 2018.
  3. A refreshment – tea, coffee, or water – served at the break.
  4. Voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting held after the last Thursday lecture of the winter series.
  5. Be on the mailing list and receive emails and brochures from TAL-KW for 4 consecutive sessions.  If a member does not buy a series ticket for 4 consecutive sessions, his/her name is removed from the mailing list.

Registrations are limited by the seating capacity in the Forbes Room.
Purchasing a guest ticket at the door entitles the purchaser to admission to one lecture and a refreshment.  It does not include membership.

Member Assistance Policy

The primary purpose of this policy is to ensure the personal safety of our members.  With an aging membership it is too onerous for TAL to support and generally be responsible for those attending lectures who would otherwise require the services of a caregiver:

  1. Transportation to and from TAL lectures is the responsibility of the member.  TAL will not be responsible for driving those attending lectures to/from sessions or matching riders with those needing rides.
  2. Each person attending a lecture who requires the services of a caregiver (e.g. professional caregiver, spouse, family member, friend, etc.) must be accompanied by that caregiver before, during and after the lecture to ensure their safety.  This includes accompaniment during the entire lecture (including the break period), visits to the washroom and trips between the car/parking lot and the lecture hall.
  3. TAL honours the CNIB Card (refer to Note below) and the Easter Seals Access 2 card (refer to Note below) for accompanying persons.  Members or guests with disabilities who present valid cards from either of these two programs will receive a complimentary ticket for their support person.  In addition, all professional caregivers will receive a complimentary ticket upon request.
  4. If TAL becomes aware of a member attending lectures who appears to require accompaniment, TAL will attempt to contact a family member to discuss a viable solution.
  5. Service animals (e.g. dogs) are permitted in the lecture hall for those TAL members requiring them.

Note: To apply for an access card refer to CNIB Card or Easter Seals Access 2 Card

Cancellation Policy

A lecture will be cancelled ONLY if the speaker is unable to attend.

If it is known far enough in advance that a speaker cannot attend, a notice to that effect will appear on the main page of this website. Here’s what a cancellation message would look like:

Wednesday, June 4, 2022 – afternoon session is cancelled

Emergency Closures

The City of Waterloo provides up-to-date information about the status of facilities on the City website. In the event of an emergency closure, the information is also available on local radio stations including:

AM 570 570News FM 96.7 CHYMFM FM 99.5 KFUN FM 98.5 CKWR

Email Notification

An email explaining a cancellation will be sent to anyone in our database who has given us their email. If you haven’t given an email, but wish to be notified of cancellations, use the Contact Us and you will be added to the notification list.

Privacy Policy

TAL-KW will keep confidential all personal information which may have been provided to it by its members or any other persons and will not disclose such information except to its auditors as requested and to its directors for the purpose of operating its programs.