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Thanks to all our patrons who attended the Winter 2024 lecture series!

The Winter 2024 lecture series, entitled “WORLD IN MOTION: Impact and Responses to Global Human Migration” concluded on March 5, 2024.  Check out the Lecture Series archive for slides and resources provided by our presenters.    

Have a wonderful spring and summer, and we hope you will join us for our Fall 2024 lectures!  

Stay tuned for information about our Fall 2024 lectures

Our next lecture series will be the Fall 2024 series, and we are planning to present the lectures both in-person, and on-line using Zoom.  Lectures for our Fall series will be held on Tuesdays.  

We anticipate that tickets for the Fall 2024 lectures will be available starting August 2024, with the series scheduled to kick off in October.  We’ll be announcing all the details in the coming months.  

If you have any questions about TAL-KW, please contact us at  You can ask to be added to our email contact list by visiting the Contact Us tab.  For general questions about attending TAL-KW lectures, check out our Common Questions.  

If you have any other comments please contact the TAL-KW Registrar.

Privacy Policy

TAL-KW will keep confidential all personal information which may have been provided to it by its patrons or any other persons and will not disclose such information except to its auditors as requested and to its directors for the purpose of operating its programs.

TAL-KW’s Privacy Policy can be found in TAL-KW’s Policy Manual.  A link to the Policy Manual document is posted in the Governance section on the About Us page.


Cancellation Policy

A lecture will be cancelled only if the speaker is unable to deliver the lecture. 

If it is known far enough in advance that a speaker cannot deliver the lecture, a notice to that effect will appear on the main page of this website, and you will receive an email. If you haven’t given us an email address, but wish to be notified of cancellations, email the registrar at

Emergency Closures (in-person lectures)

The City of Waterloo provides up-to-date information about the status of facilities on the City website. In the event of an emergency closure, the information is also available on local radio stations including:

AM 570 CityNews570     FM 96.7 CHYMFM     FM 99.5 BOUNCE     FM 98.5 CKWR

TAL-KW’s Cancellation Policy can be found in TAL-KW’s Policy Manual under “Program Committee” policies.  A link to the Policy Manual document is posted in the Governance section on the About Us page.