Interested in joining the Board of Directors of Third Age Learning KW (TAL-KW)?

Vacancies are available for the Board of Directors in May 2022. Generally, Board members have a passion for learning, and have organizational and communication skills. Members share decision making and board responsibilities outlined in our by-laws and policies. Most of all we have fun together. Below is a brief outline of the positions under recruitment.


• File materials electronically; requires organizational skills
• Listen and participate in meetings while noting key content to document
• Prepare and post minutes of Board decisions, actions and discussions

Marketing and Communications

• TAL-KW requires an individual with marketing and communication expertise to prepare content to update members
• Responsible to create materials (brochures, posters etc.) to promote TAL-KW to current members while attracting new members
• Familiarity with a variety of platforms to promote TAL-KW such as: website, social media, e-mail, etc. is an asset


• Learn and participate in various Board activities to gain skills and knowledge to apply to other TAL-KW positions as part of the Board members succession planning
• Lead and participate in projects to gain knowledge of Board operations and TAL-KW

In addition, there are a number of rewarding volunteer opportunities to assist and support:

Program Committee

• Participate in planning and implementation of a series of lectures
• Review evaluations and listen to feedback to support planning and identifying potential presenters
• Liaise with speakers about shaping content, timing and delivery, as well as introducing and thanking presenters
• Community contacts and networks can assist you in this role


• Update, maintain and post material to the TAL K-W website (https://tal-kw.ca)

Technical Team

• Support virtual sessions e.g., familiarity with Zoom Webinar to support presenters and participants with the technology
• Support in-person sessions with audio equipment and support presenters with computer technology e.g., lap top, projectors, PowerPoint and microphones

Individuals are invited to express their interest please send an email to president@tal-kw.ca indicating the position, you are interested in and a short note about your experience.