Interested in joining the Board of Directors of Third Age Learning KW (TAL-KW)?

TAL-KW has a number of vacancies available for the Board of Directors in 2021. In general, our Board members have a passion for learning, organizational and communication skills and share decision making and board responsibilities outlined in our by-laws and policies.

We are looking for a Treasurer, an Assistant Registrar, a Member at Large, and a Board and Program Committee member.

Current Volunteering Opportunities

Below is a brief outline of the positions under recruitment.


  • The Treasurer is responsible and accountable for the financial affairs of TAL-KW and is the principal contact with the bank, ensures the signing authority is current and resolves any potential account concerns
  • Activities are busiest in September and January when registrations are received and February when the Annual Financial Report is prepared and presented
  • Recommends appropriate actions relative to the financial affairs of the organization (e.g., bank balances, subscription fees and contributions to bursaries)
  • Day to day bookkeeping using accounting software and Excel. Preparing financial statements and bank deposits

Assistant Registrar

  • If you enjoy helping people and like working with computer-based tools (like Excel, Mailchimp, Zoom etc.) this role may be right for you!
  • The Assistant Registrar, along with the Registrar, interact directly with our members as they secure tickets to our lecture series. They also maintain our membership mailing list; facilitate the production of TAL KW brochures; supply sales information to other Board members; update our website; and revise our ticketing process as the need arises
  • Other than a strong understanding of Excel and familiarity with Excel functions, no technical knowledge is needed. We will provide training
  • The time commitment varies by month. Typically, a 3-5 days of work spread over several weeks is needed in the months prior to the start of each lecture series. When lectures are held at RIM park, the Assistant Registrar and the Registrar sell tickets at the sales table

Member at Large

  • Member at Large position is part of Board succession planning. This position provides the incumbent with opportunities to fully participate in Board activities and gain skills and knowledge to apply to other TAL-KW positions
  • Leads projects of the Board to support Board operations

Board and Program Committee

  • Board and Program Committee member fully participates in Board of Director meetings and is an active participant on the Program Committee identifying series topics and speakers
  • Liaises with speakers about content, logistics and delivery and introduces and thanks speakers
  • Reviews program evaluation feedback to support future program planning
  • Contacts in the community can assist in this role

Anyone interested in a 2021 position please send an email or direct questions to the president@tal-kw.ca indicating the position you are interested in and a short note about your experiences.