Common Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about TAL-KW lectures.  You may also wish to read more About Us or if you still have a question but can’t find the answer on our website you can Contact Us.

General Questions

Everyone who asks to be added to our mailing list, or has purchased lecture tickets in the past two years, will receive emails from us about upcoming lecture series.  (We promise to only send you a minimal number of emails.)  Please also watch this website for updates.  Information about current and upcoming lecture series topics and speakers can be found here.

If there is another health-related shutdown while we are offering in-person lectures at RIM Park, we would make every effort to continue offering the lectures virtually via Zoom.   

When TAL-KW announces a new lecture series, we will advise how the lectures will be delivered — in-person (at RIM Park), virtual (via Zoom), or hybrid (both in-person and virtual).  Depending on how the lectures are delivered, we will offer IN-PERSON and/or AT-HOME series tickets.  

With an AT-HOME ticket, you can attend a virtual or hybrid lecture series from home via Zoom.  You will receive a link to the live broadcast each week.  Each ticket allows you to livestream the lecture on one device, each week, in your personal residence.  

IN-PERSON series tickets are available when a lecture series is delivered on an in-person or hybrid basis, and lectures are presented  at RIM Park in Waterloo, Ontario.  Each IN-PERSON ticket grants admission to one person at RIM Park.   For hybrid lecture series, IN-PERSON series ticketholders also receive a link to the live lecture broadcast each week in case you prefer to watch that week’s lecture from your home.

Note that for Winter 2024 the lectures will be presented on a virtual basis, so only AT-HOME series tickets will be available.

For lectures that are being presented on an in-person or hybrid basis, tickets to an individual lecture will be sold at the door at RIM Park on the day of the lecture, subject to seating availability.  Cash or cheque only. 

Individual lecture tickets are not available for attending a lecture via Zoom.              

Note for Winter 2024 lecture series: The Winter 2024 lectures are being presented on a virtual basis only.  Tickets for individual lectures will not be sold.    

With a hybrid lecture series (offered both in-person and virtual), you can switch an AT-HOME series ticket to an IN-PERSON series ticket subject to availability.  Contact the Registrar at to do so.  Note that for Winter 2024 the lectures will be presented on a virtual basis only.

If you have purchased an IN-PERSON series ticket for a hybrid lecture series, your ticket already gives you access to the live broadcasts of the weekly lectures.  You may choose to watch from your home for the entire series without switching your ticket to an AT-HOME series ticket. 

We do not record our lectures for later viewing due to copyright, technical and other issues.  

Some of our lecturers allow us to post their lecture slides.  They can be found here at the top of the relevant lecture series:  Lecture Slides.

It’s important that Centre in the Square and TAL-KW  have your correct email address, especially if you will be attending some or all of our  lectures using Zoom.  Centre in the Square will send a reminder email a few days before the first lecture, and TAL-KW will also send weekly reminder emails with the links for the lectures.  If you aren’t receiving these emails, here are some tips:

  • Check your junk/spam/trash folders, or Promotions tab for Gmail users.
  • Double-check your email address with the Centre in the Square box office by calling them at 519-578-1570 or 1-800-265-8977, or emailing For instance, if you purchased your ticket online or by phone, you should have received a ticket purchase confirmation email from Centre in the Square.  If you didn’t receive that email, perhaps they don’t have your correct email address.
  • Add to your email Contacts list to prevent emails from being blocked or directed to other folders.
  • Contact the TAL-KW Registrar for further assistance.

In-Person Related Questions

For lecture series that are presented on an in-person or hybrid basis, we hold the live lectures at RIM Park in the Manulife Financial Sportsplex building.  The address is 2001 University Ave E, Waterloo, Ontario N2K4K4.  There is plenty of free parking.  The meeting room is on the second floor (Forbes Hall) and there is an elevator just inside the main building entrance. 

For our Fall 2023 lecture series we are also simultaneously broadcasting the lectures using Zoom.  

For our Winter 2024 lecture series, the lectures will be presented on a virtual basis only, so there will be no live presentations at RIM Park. 

TAL-KW and RIM Park follow all public health protocols.  Note for Fall 2023 lecture series:  While masking is not required at this time, you are welcome to do so.  If you have forgotten your mask and would like one, you can pick one up at the Registrar’s table.  

The maximum room capacity at RIM Park is 650 people.  For lecture series with live presentations at RIM Park, we will cap IN-PERSON ticket sales to just 450 tickets.  That allows us to increase the space between rows of seats as well as between seats.  There is room to socialize as well before and after the lecture.

We are not offering refreshments at live lectures presented at RIM Park.  But you are allowed to bring your own beverage into the room with you. Note for Fall 2023 lectures:  There will not be a break between the lecture and the Q&A period.

Yes.  For lectures that are presented live at RIM Park, each person needs to show an IN-PERSON ticket to gain admittance to the lecture room.  To avoid long lines, we prefer that you print your ticket if you received it by email.  However, we will also accept an electronic copy of your ticket.   

Note for Winter 2024 lecture series: The Winter 2024 lectures will be presented on a virtual basis only.

For a lecture series that is delivered on a hybrid basis ( both in-person and virtual), all IN-PERSON and AT-HOME series ticketholders will receive a weekly email from TAL-KW with the Zoom link (provided we have your email address).  So, if you have an IN-PERSON ticket but can’t come to RIM Park for any reason, you can still attend that week’s lecture virtually from your personal residence.  

Note that the Winter 2024 series will be held on a virtual basis only, and there will not be live lectures at RIM Park.

At-Home Related Questions

For lecture series that are presented on a virtual or hybrid basis, TAL-KW uses “Zoom” webinar technology to broadcast the lectures.  You will need a computer with audio speakers, reliable access to the internet, and an email address.  A tablet or smart phone will also work, but smaller screen sizes will restrict the extent to which you are able to see the speaker and/or slides.  Technical support will be available upon request.

For lecture series where TAL-KW offers AT-HOME series tickets, you only need to purchase one AT-HOME series ticket if you will be watching the lectures together on one device, in your personal residence.