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Winter 2024

World in Motion

Dr Jenna L. Hennebry, Dr Michael Gordon, Dr Robert McLeman, Dr. David Fitzgerald, Dr. Mikal Skuterud, Dr. Ivy Bourgeault, Dr. Mary Crea-Arsenio, Tara Bedard

Fall 2023

Game Changers

Alex Mustakas, David Connolly, Dr. Jim Wilkinson, Dr. Amir Khajepour, Tammy Webster, Mike Morrice, Kayli Dale, Dr. Peter van Beek, Marion Thomson Howell

Spring 2023

The Canadian Literary Scene: From the Writer to the Reader

Mary Chevreau, Seth Ratzlaff, Clarence Cachagee, Pamela Mulloy , Norma Macfarlane, Carrie Snyder, David Worsley, Mandy Brouse

Winter 2023

What’s on your plate?

Dr. Steffanie Scott, Dr. Miguel Sioui, Dr. Andrew Spring, Dr. Janet Mclaughlin, Mr. Gabriel Allahdua, Dr. Ralph Martin, Dr. David Waltner-Toews, Dr. Alex Glaros, Dr. Sylvain Charlebois

Fall 2022

Saving Democracy - Can We? Will We?

Dr. Jorg Broschek, Dr. Anna Esselment, Dr. Darren Thomas, Geoffrey Stevens, Dr. Emmet Macfarlane, Dr. Brian Tanguay, Dr. Laura Pin, Dr. Anna Drake

Spring 2022

Third Age Living

Heather Keller, Richard Hughson, Carrie McAiney, Kate Dupuis, Lora Giangregorio, Jane Kuepfer

Winter 2022

China - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Dr. Blaine Chiasson, Dr. Hongying Wang, Dalton Rawcliffe, Dr Ashley Esarey, Dr Kevin G. Cai, Dr Joe Qian, Dr Norman Smith

Fall 2021

The Toronto Sound From Yonge Street To Yorkville

Dr. Mike Daley

Winter 2021

Spotlight on Sports: Fun and Games or Serious Business

Stephen Brunt, Marty Deacon, Dick Pound, Ken Jackson, Tim Elcombe, Alanna Harman, Stephen Wenn,  Cheryl Pounder

Winter 2019

Special Non-TAL, Climate Related Slideshow

We all know that Climate Change is a global problem. But what is happening in our own province? Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner, Dr. Dianne Saxe, presented a talk on Climate Action in Ontario: What’s Next? at Kitchener City Hall on January 15th, 2019.

Transition and Adaptation: In Our Own Back Yard

Carl Zehr, David Marskell, Mary Chevreau, Robin Mazumder, Thomas Kay, Janice Mitchell & Ryan Mounsey, John Neufeld, Brian Doucet

Fall 2018

New Technology: Unintended Consequences

Edward Greenspon, Jonathan MacKenzie, Scott Campbell, Stephanie MacLellan, Neil Desai, Marcel O’Gorman, Ed Jernigan, Thomas Homer-Dixon

Beauty and Belief: Art and Philosophy in Eastern Cultures

Patricia Q. Campbell

Hindu Traditions:

Living Hinduisms, Nancy Falk
Hindu Myths, Penguin Classics
The Bhagavad Gita, Eknath Easwaran, trans.
Hindu Art and Architecture, George Michell


Buddha, Karen Armstrong
What the Buddha Taught, Walpola Rahula
The Dhammapada, Thomas Byrom, trans.
Buddhist Art and Architecture, Robert E. Fisher


The Easternization of the West, Colin Campbell

Oct 11 – Patricia Campbell’s Recommended Reading

(no accessible transcript)

Winter 2018

Exploring Local Live Theatre

Pat Quigley, Nora Polley, Kathleen Sheehy, Alex Mustakas, Matt White, Gill Garratt, Andy Houston, Lois Adamson

The Many Faces of Africa

Larry Swatuk, Mary Lou Klassen, Alan Whiteside, Ian Spears, Ronald Mathies, Rachel Boratto, Mary S. Caesar, Ryan Snider

Fall 2017

Composition and the Wow Factor

Ken Hull, Carol Anderson, Jane Buyers, Kim and Amanda Jernigan

Winter 2017

Building a Just Community: Restorative Justice

Chris Cowie, Christiane Sadeler, Bryan Larkin, Judah Oudsboorn, Julie Thompson,Wendy Meek, Bill Smith, Leslie Waye

Canadian Architecture: connections to the environment

Rick Waldenby, Danielle Gignac, Terri Boake, Phillip Beasley, Alex Josephson, Piper Birnbaum, Katherine Kovalcik

Fall 2016

Music in the 20th Century: history of protest songs and of recordings

Darren Mulloy, Robert Harris

What makes a Liveable City? Sustainability in Waterloo Region

Colin Ellard, Stephanie Sobek-Swant, Joe Mancini, Pierre Filion, Mark Pancer, Alison Blay-Palmer, Jeff Casello

Fall 2015

The Canadian Arctic

Robert Park, Scott Slocombe, Chris Alcantara, Whitney Lackenbauer, Claude Duguay, Jennifer Baltzer, Mark Terry