How Smaller Urban Centres Integrate Newcomers into Their Local Labour Markets

Tuesday, Feb 27, 2024

1:30pm - 3:00pm

Lecture by:
Dr. Mary Crea-Arsenio

The future of work in Canada depends on having enough people with the right skills to perform in-demand jobs. The federal government’s economic recovery strategy relies heavily on increasing immigration targets. But there is one issue. Many newcomers struggle to find employment and end up working in precarious jobs. The issue of precarious employment among immigrant workers is not new. There are many stories of foreign-trained engineers driving taxis and internationally-educated Filipino nurses working as nannies. With more immigrants now settling in small and mid-sized cities, it is up to communities to ensure immigrants are integrated into their local economy. This talk will present findings from a research study that examined how smaller urban centres integrate newcomers into employment efficiently and effectively. Challenges and opportunities in local integration practices are explored and new ideas and innovations in immigrant employment integration are identified.

About The Lecturer

Dr. Mary Crea-Arsenio

Mary Crea-Arsenio, PhD is a Senior Research Associate, Global Health at McMaster University. Her research interests include immigration policy and the integration of newcomers into small and mid-sized cities across Canada. She serves as a Committee Member on the Hamilton Immigration Partnership Council Research and Evaluation Committee to support initiatives that promote the integration of newcomers into the community.