Learning from the Past, Shaping the Present, Igniting the Future

Tuesday, Nov 07, 2023

1:30pm - 3:00pm

Lecture by:
Tammy Webster

In this thought-provoking lecture, you will embark on a journey through the rich tapestry of First Nations history, gaining a deeper understanding of the personal stories that exemplify the lasting and current impacts of the Indian Act and see how First Nations are rising through to reengage their sovereignty.

The lecture provides a brief overview of First Nations history prior to contact, acknowledging the profound impact of colonization, and systemic oppression for many First Nations. Through personal narratives, attendees will hear poignant examples of how the Indian Act has affected individuals and families, shedding light on intergenerational trauma, cultural loss, and socioeconomic disparities.

As we transition to the current realities understanding the complexities of contemporary issues that are a result of historical challenges, is essential for fostering productive relationships and igniting the future. All this shared while anchored in examples of resilience, brilliance and the steadfast desire to have a positive influence and foundation for our future generations.

The latter part of the lecture focuses on actionable steps that attendees can take to support and engage with First Nations communities, individuals and organizations. From promoting cultural sensitivity and inclusivity in the workplace to advocating for policy changes, amplifying voices and opening metaphorical doors, participants will be equipped with practical strategies to build bridges and dismantle barriers.

Throughout the lecture, there will be a strong emphasis on cultural humility and active listening, recognizing the importance of reciprocal learning and the value of First Nations knowledge.

Join us as we embark on this transformative journey, sparking meaningful conversations and inspiring positive change in our personal and professional lives. Together, we can bridge the gaps and forge a path towards reconciliation and mutual respect.

About The Lecturer

Tammy Webster

Tammy is Anishnabe Kwe of the Kitigan Zibi Algonquin First Nation. She is currently seconded as Director, Equity for Let’s Talk Science and was the previous Indigenous Education & Equity Consultant in the Waterloo Catholic District School Board. Tammy deepens understanding in Indigenous ways of knowing and being as well as leading systemic changes within educational structures. Tammy has her Principal Qualifications, Master of Arts in Education from York University, Bachelor of Education in Elementary Teaching and Education from University of Western Ontario, Bachelor of Arts in Leisure and Recreation Studies with Business Option from University of Waterloo, and Bachelor of General Science also from University of Waterloo.
She currently sits as Anishnabeg Outreach’s Board Chair, a council member for Ontario College of Teachers and a contributing writer to the Community Editorial Board for The Record. She was a member of the sunset Wellbeing Waterloo Region Connector’s Hub, interim Co-Convenor for the Region of Waterloo Anti Racism Advisory Working Group, co-chair for Waterloo Indigenous Education Advisory Council, and a member of St. Jerome’s University President’s Working Group on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. She also has her own boutique consulting business focused on equity and First Nations ways of doing.

Tammy somehow finds the time to be on boards and committees where she can present a voice for urban First Nations and ensuring that the voice is present in decisions. She relies on her circle of knowledge keepers and elders for input in areas where they offer more in depth knowledge and understanding. They help her remain grounded in decisions and ensure that the vision for future generations remains positive and healthy and includes an Indigenous lens. Tammy is a firm believer that systemic change results from positive and professional relationships built on acting and engaging as a critical friend, understanding how oppression impacts systems and systems changes and through a partnership that brings people together.