Spotlight on Sports: Fun and Games or Serious Business

Winter 2021 - Tuesday Series - 1:30pm - 3:00pm

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Growing for Gold. Getting to know the Leader within!

Tuesday, Mar 02, 2021

The Pursuit of Gold. The value of confidence and self-awareness as it relates to personal growth. What is your Impact?

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Decisions, Decisions: Four IOC Presidents and Their Collective Embrace of Olympic Commercialism

Tuesday, Feb 23, 2021

Professor Wenn will explore the tenures of four IOC Presidents, Avery Brundage (1952-1972), Lord Killanin (1972-1980), Juan Antonio Samaranch (1980-2001), and Jacques Rogge (2001-2013), focusing on their approaches to, and decision-making concerning, commercial revenue. Brundage and Killanin dealt with the emergence of satellite technology and its upward push on the value of sport television properties, and how to position the IOC in this new world. Samaranch and Rogge navigated a changing environment due to globalization and the attractiveness of the Olympic Games as a promotional platform for multi-national companies. Debates linger concerning the IOC’s embrace of commercialism, but no one can challenge the fact that the IOC’s reserve fund, totaling over a billion dollars (raised over the years from its share of television rights fees and corporate sponsorship contracts) shortly after Thomas Bach became IOC President in 2013, is central to the IOC’s efforts to weather the fiscal chaos and challenge wrought by Covid-19.

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Have we really come a long way? Examining Female Athlete Representation in the Media

Tuesday, Feb 16, 2021

Much media attention has been paid to the strides that females athletes have made on the playing field, this presentation provides a critical examination of the media portrayal of female athletes, and begs the question, have we really come a long way?

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Tuesday, Feb 09, 2021

Sport is deeply embedded into culture and society, yet at the same time can operate in bubbles – both literally and figuratively these days. Sports can be forces for good, positively impacting lives both individually and collectively; but they can also be tools for conflict and despair. At its core, sport is complex, riddled with tensions and irresolvable dilemmas – a sportsplex.

In this talk I will explore some of these tensions, particularly ethical tensions that confront sport in the 21st Century, using examples including Caster Semenya’s fight to participate as a female athlete, Lance Armstrong and the ethics of doping, and the future of sport embodied in the Paralympics. To conclude, I will argue that this complexity, these tensions, makes sport one of humanity’s greatest ‘inventions’ and explains why we do invest so much into it.

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Economics and Equity in Youth Sports

Tuesday, Feb 02, 2021

Playing sports is a large part of life for many children and youth, and the cost of these activities can be significant for many families. In this project, I focus on how sports and equity intersect to determine who gets the opportunity to play sports at both the community and elite levels in Canada.

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Teaching the Cats to March: the Olympic Movement and the World Anti-Doping Agency

Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021

Think about 206 different countries and 40-plus different sports that need to be regulated by the same rules. Think about bringing 11,000 of them to the Olympic Games. Some of them cheat by using prohibited performance-enhancing substances and those who play fair need to be protected. Can all this possibly work?


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Leadership and Learning: From Playground to Podium

Tuesday, Jan 19, 2021

In this session, Marty will share her experiences and life lessons culminating from a career in education, high performance sport and most recently in the role of Senator. Marty is a lifelong learner and leader who believes all of us have much to contribute, celebrate and through true collaboration can do great things especially in times of uncertainty and unpredictability. Marty will highlight experiences from the K-W Community, the Olympic field of play and the Senate Chamber that will highlight her learning and purpose for continuous improvement.

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Sports in the Time of Covid: Risks, Rewards and the Bottom Line

Tuesday, Jan 12, 2021

Pretty much everything in sports has changed in the pandemic, from the postponement of the Olympics, to the alteration of sports schedules, to the exclusion of fans in the stands, to the possibility that even leagues with a long history, like the CFL, may not survive this. What would a series about sport in 2021 be without looking at what in the world is happening?

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