Have we really come a long way? Examining Female Athlete Representation in the Media

Tuesday, Feb 16, 2021

1:30pm - 3:00pm

Lecture by:
Alanna Harman

Much media attention has been paid to the strides that females athletes have made on the playing field, this presentation provides a critical examination of the media portrayal of female athletes, and begs the question, have we really come a long way?

About The Lecturer

Alanna Harman

Alanna Harman received her PhD from Western University and before joining Wilfrid Laurier University previously taught at Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania, and St. John’s University in New York City. Her field of research is focused on two major prongs within the sport industry. She is interested in community sport organization as the backbone of sport in Canada and the many facets that are required to make for positive sport experiences. In tandem with creating a positive sport experience, Alanna is also interested in gender equity in sport, and has a particular focus on media representation of female athletes.